Commission Goals:

1. Raise awareness about discrimination against African and African diaspora religions

a. Hold events focused on African and African diaspora religious freedom

b. Produce and publish reports about religious racism

2. Promote the right and freedom to practice African and African diaspora religions through international collaboration

a. Create transnational working groups to address important barriers to African and African diaspora religious freedom

b. Partner with national and international organizations to combat religious intolerance  

3. Develop networks of researchers, activists, lawyers, and legislators who are working to advance African and African diaspora religious freedom

Areas of Focus:

The Commission will study and advocate regarding any and all manifestations of religious racism. Some of the key issues include:

1. Legal recognition (continued prohibition of African and African diaspora religions, court decisions declaring that Africana faiths do not meet the legal definition of “religion”)

2. Physical acts of religious intolerance (destruction of places of worship, vandalism, attacks on priests and devotees),

3. Economic discrimination (i.e.- refusal of aid, grants, or other funding to devotees of Africana religions

4. Employment discrimination (firing, demoting, refusing to hire people because of religious affiliation or religious attire)

5. School discrimination (refusal to teach about Africana religions, harassment of student devotees, discrimination against Africana religious attire in schools, mandatory Christian prayers or Christian religious instruction)

6. Animal sacrifice

7. Police surveillance or police invasion of Africana ceremonies and places of worship

8. Harassment or defamation (including online/social media)

9. Child Custody (interference with the custodial rights of devotees of Africana religions)